وطن ہمارا ایسا نا چور پائے کوئی
رشتہ ہمارا ایسا نا طور پائے کوئی
دِل ہمارا ایک ہے ایک ہماری پہچان
اکستان ہمارا ہے ہم سب ہیں اسکی شان

 For any country its Independence Day is the most important day, it redirects to the efforts made in history to get freedom from any other state or partition of states or freedom from cruel rulers. So, the history has so much more for all of us, which is important as well as very near to our hearts.

If we talk about Pakistan, Independence Day is so important as it is linked to the sacrifices made to get it, efforts made prior to the independence. The struggles of our ancestors for our future life are so obvious. So many emotions, deaths, fights and sacrifices come to mind when this day arrives every year. Patriotism, unity and celebrations can be seen all over the country. As the month of August starts, the whole country and people show their love towards the country in so many ways. Shower their love by different signs. The most common signs are decorating the streets with the national flag, wearing national badges, face painting, wearing white and green contrasted clothes, decorating houses with flags and lights and also cake cutting on Independence Day. It would be wrong if we say this only happens on the 14th of august, but this is being practiced in the whole month of august. This nation is so in love with their motherland, Pakistan. Every one is so passionate about the country, no one forgives the pain and hard work our great leaders and so many individuals faced to get the country freedom of everything. This is easy to say, but people who lost their homes, families and everything they had to support the creation of Pakistan who doesn’t care about their so close things, but they cared to support the country and moved to Pakistan as soon as separation was announced. They know the worth of this Independence Day. The struggles are not hidden from anybody. We all know that before independence, the whole area of the subcontinent was India. And Muslims and Hindus were living together. Hindus were superiors and controllers and Muslims were not free to do anything day by day, they wanted to extinct the existence of Muslims in India. But the great leaders like Sir Syed Ahmed khan, Quaid e Azam, Allam Iqbal and many others didn’t let this happen. They did all they could do, and people supported them in every possible way. Which helps to promote the two-nation theory and all the efforts lead to the independence. Which we get one day before India, which is a massive success, but the history has the happiness as well as much pain with this day. So many people died, were killed and harassed, but all the warriors fought and got their country, “PAKISTAN”. Pakistan is an Islamic state which has the majority of Muslims, but also so many other religions do exist. At the time after the creation of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam made it clear that all the religions and people who came to Pakistan are free to practice their religions and no one is superior or inferior. The love we all have for our beloved country has no limits. We have all the right to celebrate this Independence Day as we want. Celebrations all over the country have just begun, and we are all super excited about this Independence Day. On 14th August, borders are decorated, parades take place on borders and the celebrations by the government are followed by a worth seeing air show hosted by the Pakistan air force (PAF), a parade of young soldiers, a flag hoisting ceremony and sentimental speeches. The capital, the city of lighting Karachi, following other big and small cities all observe social gatherings and public events.

We all pray for our country’s long life and betterment. As per Quaid e Azam we are all so fortunate that we are living the dreams of Allama Iqbal and the ambitions of Chaudhary Rehmat Ali. Quaid e Azam was a man of belief, a man with a stern nature. Pakistan is the consequence of his firm belief and determination.14th August 1947 is a national holiday in Pakistan, and thousands of people pay tribute to those who made selfless sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan. We all are unable to serve the country as we can, but still, we can all hope for a better Pakistan, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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